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Lute demonstrates his love of, commitment to and admiration of the source of his inspiration by contributing paintings to a fundraiser auction on an annual basis.  The proceeds of these auctions go to wildlife conservation. 

Please feel free to contact Anet should you want us to be part of your campaign.


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My life story 

I was born in Den Helder the Netherlands in 1961 and we immigrated to South Africa  at the age of 2. 

As far back as I can remember, I was always busy sketching and began my full time professional art career in 1989, when I discovered a market for wildlife art. Many paintings later, I find myself in the privilege position where my work is in high demand.

I derive great pleasure from wildlife and nature and respect every aspect thereof. My favourite pastime is visiting game parks, where I not only get my reference material from, but also find my inspiration. 

Although I am known for my wildlife I recently started painting still lives, figures and typical African farm scenes.  The international wildlife art scene is calling my name – I would love to start painting animals from other countries.

I am honoured to say that my work is well accepted everywhere. My paintings hang in private and company collections worldwide and I have been credited and published in numerous magazines and publications.

One of the biggest projects I have done to date was for a big SA mining Company, Kolomela. 

My paintings are owned by known companies such as Sasol Limited, Sasol Polymers, Sasol clients in Malaysia and China, Swaziland’s royals, Standard Bank, Comparex among others. 

My dream to leave the busy city life behind me became a reality when we moved to the Bushveld in 2002.

I have so many times felt only gratitude towards an animal after a series of photos taken.  How do you say thank you to a leopard, elephant or kudu that has posed for minutes or an hour close to you?  My way of doing this, giving back to nature, and to show my love, commitment and admiration to the source of my inspiration is by donating a painting to fundraiser auctions on an annual basis.  All the proceeds of the auction go to wildlife conservation.

It is a great privilege and honour for me to be able to share my talent with people all over the world.

I read somewhere that it is not whether you have the ability to draw or paint, but to be able to "see" and  to understand that "what" you see, is important. 

I believe anyone can learn to draw.  It is a skill that can be developed through practice but to be able to "see"  and understand how things work, then put dimension to it - that is something totally different, something that is born from deep within an artist.

In virtually every piece I include small interesting objects like guinea fowl feathers, porcupine quills or butterflies: even if just one of its wings. 

I would like to continue painting for as long as we have the beauty of nature  around us and  will always strive for improvement in my work.  I do not know how my work will evolve, but this I do know ... it will always be an honour to share my talent with the public.

I don't really have to find inspiration to do what I do. 

I merely do what I know best.


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